Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, we are finally finished with pears and peaches. Here is our tally!

Peaches~ 58 quarts

Peach jam~ 28 pts & 55 1/2 pints

Peach pie filling~ 7 quarts & 9 pints

Pears~ 34 qts & 6 pints

We also did tomatoes~ 36 pints.

We still need to do more tomatoes this week.

We are also going to try zucchini pineapple.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

This past week

Well, school went went well. Both of the boys were excited and happy with thier new books and courses. TEACH went well on Friday. It is always fun though. On Monday I gave them a challenge to make a least one new friend at co-op. Ben made a new friend named Zac. Sonny said he did not get a chance to yet.

Brian was off on Wednesday so we went to an orchard out past Greenleaf and picked 100 pounds of pears and 275 pounds of peaches. 50 pounds of the peaches were for my neighbor. They were $9 for 50 pounds. It tooks us 2 hours.

So now until the end of time I will be canning pears, peaches, peach jam, and peach pie filling. I have done two batches of peaches and 2 batches of jam so far. I also canned a bunch of tomatoes the other day.

Anyone out there that would like to try to home can stuff please see your local extension office for correct canning methods. I do not want anyone to become ill.

No cooking tonight ~ we are going to the opening social for our local LDS homeschooling group.